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Marcia Darvin Spada is the author of the New York State approved online Salesperson, Broker, and Remedial Qualifying Courses and Exam Reviews offered by Career WebSchool, a nationwide company, experienced in offering high quality state approved online real estate education.

Should you choose the New York online courses offered by Career Webschool, you will also have the years of expertise of Marcia Darvin Spada whose content has been used by thousands of students to successfully complete their real estate course requirements.

 For the New York online qualifying courses, you have a choice of purchasing a variety of course packages that can include the online course, hardcopy textbook, ebook, and exam review or individual items such as only the course or the exam review for the course. The textbook or ebook you will receive for the New York salesperson, broker, and remedial courses are also authored by Marcia Darvin Spada and could include, depending on the course you choose, New York Real Estate for Salespersons, 6th , New York Real Estate for Brokers, 5th , or the 30-Hour Remedial Course.

CareerWebschool also offers a number of New York State approved continuing education courses including packages to complete the 22.5-hour two-year requirement or individual courses. Career Webschool also offers many other real estate-online state approved pre- and post- licensure and continuing education courses, appraisal licensing, appraisal continuing education, and appraisal exam review.

New York Salesperson 75-Hour Online Qualifying Course (Prelicense)

This is the prelicense course you need to complete to obtain a real estate salesperson license in New York.

New York Broker 45-Hour Qualifying Course (Prelicense)

This is the prelicense course you need to complete to obtain a real estate broker license in New York. The prerequisite is the salesperson 75-hour course or a combination of the former salesperson 45-hour qualifying course and the 30-hour remedial qualifying course (if you completed the salesperson qualifying course before July, 2008.)

New York Salesperson and Broker Qualifying Courses Online Exam Prep

You can review online for your salesperson and broker qualifying courses course and NYS exams.

New York 30-Hour Online Remedial Course

This course is for those want to obtain a broker license and who have completed the former 45-hour salesperson qualifying course before July, 2008 and need to complete the 30 hours that is now included in the current 75-hour salesperson qualifying course.

NYS Approved Continuing Real Estate Education Courses

There are a variety of topics packaged together to complete the 22.5 hours of continuing education required every two years upon license renewal for real estate licensees in New York (unless exempt.) Licensees may also take individual courses.

NYS Approved Appraisal Continuing Education Courses

There are a number of seven-hour courses to complete appraisal continuing education requirement for New York.

NYS Appraisal Exam Prep

There are a number of appraisal exam prep courses choices to help you preparing for the appraisal licensure exams for New York.