Who needs the New York 30 Hour Remedial Course?

The 30-hour remedial course was created along with the new 75-hour salesperson qualifying course and implemented as of July 1, 2008. Licensure applicants who must take this course are:
    • broker licensure applicants who have taken the old 45-hour salesperson course
    • salesperson licensure applicants who took the old 45-hour salesperson course and now want a salesperson license.

The 30-hour course supplements the old 45-hour salesperson course with subjects such as commercial real estate, insurance, income and property taxes , and property insurance. Most proprietary real estate schools and colleges that hold the licensure courses also give this course. The course is also offered online at the Albany Center and by other course providers.

Real estate licensees may take the 30-hour remedial course to fulfill the 22.5 hour continuing education requirements. But those licensees who use this course for continuing ed must also take a required minimum 3 hour fair housing course to fulfill their CE requirement.

Salesperson licensees who wish to become a broker can fulfill their CE requirements and broker education requirements by completing both the remedial course and the fair housing course.

If you wish to take the remedial course and/or the fair housing course, the Albany Center offers both of these courses online. Visit our website:cramforexam.net to enroll. Purchase a copy of the 30 Hour Remedial Supplement from Cengage Learning.

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