The Salesperson Licensure Exam

All real estate licensure applicants except for those exempt from licensure requirements, (for example, attorneys), must pass two exams:

  • the classroom exam given at the end of the 75-hour licensure course
  • the state licensing exam given by the NY Department of State (DOS)


Both the classroom exam and the state licensing exam questions are multiple choice with four choices for the answer. The classroom exam may have 75 or 100 questions depending on the preferences of the course provider. The state exam has 75 questions. You will have up to three hours for your classroom exam and 1.5 hours for your state exam. You will have more than enough time in both cases.

Generally, you will have one opportunity to take a make up classroom exam if you don't pass the first time. The pass grade may vary from school to school. Sometimes, if you fail the classroom exam twice, you may have to repeat some or all of the course. It depends on the policy of the course provider. You can take the state exam as many times as you want. The pass grade for the NY licensure exam is 70%. The fee to take the state exam is $15 each time.

You can take the state exam at any time by appointment and do not have to wait until you complete the course. But I recommend that you attend the full 75 hour course before you attempt the exam. You must make an appointment at the DOS website through eAccessNY to take the exam. You will create an ID and password. You can then register for the exam, choose your date, and location. You will also view your exam results through your eAccessNY account.

If you are well prepared and have attended the 75 hour course, your chances of passing both your classroom and state exam are very good. If you want an excellent review for your exams, I recommend my exam review: Cram for the Exam! Your Guide to Passing the NY Real Estate Salesperson Exam. This exam guide reviews the entire 75-hour course, has two sample state exams, and more exam information. Go to the Cengage Learning website to order a copy, ask your course provider, or email me.

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