The NYS Real Estate Broker License Exam

There are several reasons why individuals want to become a licensed real estate broker:

  • to open their own real estate firm
  • to become a principal in a real estate firm
  • to become an associate broker in a real estate firm
  • to open a property management company
  • to become a manager in a real estate brokerage firm (Under a new law in NY, only licensed brokers can be an office manager in a real estate firm.)

Applicants who want to become a broker must complete 120 hours of qualifying education (unless exempt), have two years experience as a real estate salesperson, or three years equivalent real estate experience.

Like the salesperson exam, broker applicants must register at theDepartment of State website and set up an account with EAccessNY. This is the DOS online management system. Applicants must make an appointment to take the exam through EAccessNY and can also view their exam results through their EAccessNY account.

The Broker exam can be taken at any time, but it is best to complete the required course work first as this will prepare you for the exam. Exam sites are located throughout NY, but the exam is not given as often as the salesperson exam. The sites are listed on the DOS website. The broker exam is composed of 100 multiple choice questions that include information learned in the salesperson course and/or remedial course as well as the broker course. The pass grade of 70% is valid for two years.

You should bring two #2 pencils to the exam and a government issued photo ID. You will be thumb-printed. You should also bring the page you were requested to print when you scheduled the exam through EAccessNY. You can take the exam as many times as you need to. (Hopefully only once!!)

If you want to take the NYS Broker Qualiying course online, visit my website, Although you will be taking the course online, I am available throughout the course to assist you with the material and to help you review.

To prepare for the broker exam, I highly recommend my exam guide,Cram for Exam: Your Guide to Passing the NY Broker Exam. This exam contains 100 review questions and two sample broker state exams. It also fully reviews all of the key points in the course, all key terms, and has a number of other study short cuts. For a quick review, visit mywebsite, where you can download sample state broker exams. Please contact me if you have further questions about the NYS broker licensureexam.

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