Real Estate Educators Association

The Real Estate Educators Association is an organization for people involved in real estate education. It includes course providers such as proprietary schools and colleges, real estate instructors, textbook authors, and state regulatorycommissions. The organization provides education and networking to its members. Anyone involved in real estate education is welcome to join. REEA offers the prestigious DREI (Distinguished Real Estate Instructor) designation to those who go through the DREI program and demonstrate excellence in real estate teaching.


REEA is now having its annual election of officers. One individual who is running for a volunteer position as Director at Large is Joe McClary. Joe is the Director of Technology, Education and Special Projects forARELLO (the Association of Real Estate License Law Officials). ARELLO is an organization that sets policy for national standards for real estate license law. One of his many duties for ARELLO includes Joe's position as Director for IDECC (the International Distance Education Certification Center. IDECC implements and oversees standards for delivery of distance education courses not only for real estate but for other topics.


I cannot think of a person more qualified to serve on the REEA Board of Directors. Joe has attended REEA meetings for many years and shares course providers with information regarding ARELLO and IDECC standards and policy. Among his many other accomplishments, he was the co author and instructional designer of the Certified Distance Education Instructor course that individuals who teach an online course approved by ARELLO must complete. This was one of the most informative, useful, and well presented courses I have ever taken.


I urge all REEA members to vote for Joe McClary for a REEA Board of Directors' position. Members have a received an email to vote. The voting closes May 1st. To join REEA, go to

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