New York Real Estate Salesperson/Broker Continuing Education

New York Real Estate Salesperson/Broker Continuing Education

Licensees must successfully complete 22.5 hours of NYS Department of State (DOS) approved continuing education (CE) every two-years upon license renewal. New York allows distance learning for continuing education, such as online delivery and video courses. Classroom courses are also available. Individuals who sign up for courses online should check to see that the courses they want are approved by the DOS and meet the requirements for New York. Any course that promises that you can complete the hours in less than the required time is not following DOS regulations. Also, all online CE courses in New York must be approved by ARELLO.

A licensee may not apply the salesperson-qualifying course toward the 22.5 hour continuing education requirement. Salespersons must complete an additional 22.5 hours of continuing education during their two-year license period.

Salespersons may use the 45-hour broker-qualifying course for one two-year period to fulfill their CE. Licensees who completed the old 45-hour salesperson course may take the 30-remedial course for continuing education. Licensees who use the broker course or remedial course for continuing education must also complete an approved fair housing course discussed next. The drawback for some people with the broker or remedial course is that these two courses require an exam. CE courses generally do not have an exam. The DOS does not require an exam for CE. Also, with the fair housing requirement, the licensee far exceeds the minimum 22.5 hours.

Licensees must complete three hours of approved continuing education in fair housing and/or discrimination in the sale or rental of real property as part of their 22.5-hour continuing education requirement. This requirement does not apply to licensees who are exempt from CE.

Individuals exempt from continuing education are brokers licensed before July 1, 2008, who practice real estate full-time and have had no lapse in licensure for 15 years. A broker who does not have 15 years of consecutive licensure before July 1, 2008, is not eligible for the continuing education exemption. Brokers who are currently exempt but let their licenses lapse will lose their exemption. The licensed broker need not have been a broker during the entire 15 years but must have been licensed as a salesperson for part of that time. Attorneys are exempt from continuing education.

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